Nature has blessed Agios Epifanios with a green “veil’ full of colourful touches which adapt to every new season. In the winter, the blooming almond trees give a special colour to the entire scenery.

It is a village “embraced” by mild hills and which is built in the middle of the “Adelfoi” and “Machairas” forests. What is worth mentioning is that the village of Xyliatos and our village, Agios Epifanios, constitute the lowest parts of the “Adelfoi” forest. Here, one can encounter volcanic rocks – one of the three groups of rocks that cover this particular forest. 

A great expanse of Agios Epifanios is not cultivated and is covered by wild vegetation. Strolling around Agios Epifanios, one can find low bushes and wild flowers such as terebinths and red poppies. However, there are also some small fruit gardens with various kinds of fruit trees, vines, some olive trees, as well as cultivations of pulses and vegetables.   

Unfortunately, part of the wild vegetation, the cultivations and the pine forest of Agios Epifanios were burnt by the fire which broke out in the beginning of September 2012 along the road which links Agios Epifanios with Apliki. 

Undoubtedly, the community of Agios Epifanios can be the ideal place for one to come into direct contact with nature, to enjoy the green scenery and breathe the fresh air of the pine tree.

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