The church which is dedicated to Agios Epifanios is located in the centre of the community. 

It is an 18th century building and is has been built on top of another church, probably the old Monastery that used to exist in the community.

Holy heirlooms, such as the 17th century icon of Agios Epifanios, the Bema-doors and the 16th century Crucifixion, which comes from the previous church, are today present in the church.

The iconostasis is of great architectural and artistic value since it is completely carven and stencil. It was carved in 1923 by Georgios Chr.Taliadoros. 

Today, next to the old church, a new imposing church also dedicated to Agios Epifanios, is being built. Construction works began in 2006 and are expected to be completed by Easter of 2009.

Agios Epifanios Community Council