Andreas and Sofoula Kosta Ltd Agios Epifanios Chicken

“Agios Epifanios Chicken” is a business based at the community of Agios Epifanios. This business undertakes the breeding, butchery, partition and selling of chicken. 

For further information, please call on 22 63 24 03 or 99 62 82 51.

Kostas Tomazos Hypermarket  

Kostas Tomazos Hypermarket is located in Agios Epifanios and serves both our village and the surrounding villages.  

At the Hypermarket one can find a butcher’s shop, fruits and vegetables, toys, kitchen utensils, gifts, as well as a bookshop. It is worth mentioning than one can also find genuine cold cuts from the region of Pitsilia, the well-known Kostas Tomazos village cold cuts.   

For further information about both the Hypermarket and the Village Cold Cuts of Kostas Tomazos, please contact us on: Tel: 22 632838 (Agios Epifanios), 22 642897 (Agia Koroni), 99 491464 (Palaichori)