The Community Council of Agios Epifanios has executed and planned several infrastructure and beautification projects aiming at the development of the community and the improvement of the residents’ quality of life. 

Planned projects from the Community’s Developmental Budget for 2009


Flood protection € 12, 000
Community Buildings € 10, 000
Internal roads   € 33, 000
Beautifying € 11, 000
Vineyards €   5, 500

TOTAL:                €  71, 500

Park: As part of our efforts to find solutions for the beautification of the community’s centre and the projection of our village as a tourist destination, as well as in our efforts to keep people close to the community, we have found space for the creation of a Park at the location Pervolia, next to the new church of the community. After contacting all involved land owners, almost all of them have given us small pieces of their land for the creation of the Park.

Firstly, we have cleaned the space in order to help the architect and the topographer to prepare the plans. We have stated our primary views to the Rural Development Programme and, in cooperation with the Department of Forests, we will try to obtain €120,000 as funding from the European Union. The Park will among others include a playground, kiosks, tables, benches, a small cafeteria etc.      

The goal of the entire study is to maintain the space as it is by reshaping it in the traditional way, like it was in the past and without changing the natural environment, this way making it a centre of attraction for fellow villagers and foreigners.

The preliminary plans are today placed at your disposal.

Archbishop Makarios Avenue: After the construction of a Y track at the junction of Makariou and Tasos Markou Avenues, the beautification of the road until the parting of the roads will begin immediately this year.  The remaining street layout will be removed along the entire road, and at the side where there is dirt, a stony wall will be built, as well as pavements where this is possible. The funds have been conceded by the Eparch of Lefkosia.

On Tasos Markou Street, from the Y track junction until Kostas Tomazou Hypermarket, efforts will be made to widen the road after the necessary signatures are provided by the affected owners. A drain-pipe and a lighted footpath will be constructed. The aforementioned construction works will begin this year.

There is an application for the concession of state land at the junction of Archbishop Makarios Avenue with Gregoris Afxentiou, where plans are being prepared for the construction of a small monument and square.

Master Plan: After the necessary actions were taken by our Community Council, our village has been inducted in the communities for which a Master Plan will be prepared and which will include the adjustment and elevation of roads, of the community core and of old constructions. The Plan will be prepared by the Department of Town Planning and Housing.