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Heroes Monument and Missing Persons
The Missing Persons’ and Fallens’ Monument is located in the centre of the community, next to the Community Council offices.

It is stone-built with arches which remind you of old fountains. In the middle there is a tall plaque where the names of the heroes are inscribed.  

It was constructed in 2002 and it was designed by architects of the District Administration of Lefkosia.

The monument is dedicated to the following heroes:

  • Costas Mishiaoulis, who was murdered on July 17, 1974.
  • Kostas Ch. Katalanou:  Within the programme frame of exhumation and the identification of the Research Committee of Missing Persons his bones were found, which were identified with the DNA method .The exhumation took place in the period 2005, 2008 and 2010 from the hill of Lapatsa, which is very close to the north of the occupied village of Skylloura. The funeral of the falling soldier during Turkish Invasion Kostas Katalanou Christoforou was held on Sunday 10/09/17.   

  • Georgios Xenofontos Poyiatzis, whose remains were discovered in a group tomb in Kdonara and were identified with the DNA method. On September 2, 2007, the burial of his bones took place at the Community Cemetery of Agios Epifanios with all proper honours and at the presence of officials and State and Church Representatives.

The First Annual Memorial of the hero was held on August 10, 2008 and it was under the care and organization of the Community Council.

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