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The Community Council of Agios Epifanios has executed and planned several infrastructure and beautification projects which aim at developing the community and improving the quality of the residents’ life.

The following development projects, which had been included in the budget, were completed by the Community Council during 2007. 

Flood-protection £  5 000
Community Buildings £  2 000
Inside Roads £10 000
Beautifying projects £  5 000
Roads Passing through vineyards   £  3 000
Agricultural Roads £  8 000

The following projects, which had not been included in the budget, were completed with funds provided by the District Administration or other Ministries.

  • Guard rails by the river “Maroullenas” which cost £30 000.
  • Guard rails along Agios Georgios Street which cost £9000.

The following development projects, which had not been included in the budget, were completed during 2008 by the Community Council.

Flood-protection €10,252
Community Buildings €  5,126
Inside roads €29,046
Beautifying projects €10,252
Roads passing through vineyards €  5,126

Also out of budget for the year 2008 were the following projects, which were completed using funds provided by several Ministries and by the Eparch of Lefkosia.

  • Y track at the junction of Archbishop Makarios Avenue with Tasos Markou Avenue. Cost: €80, 000.
  • Asphalting both within and outside the community. Cost: €24, 000.
  • €20, 000 funding by the Ministry of Communications and Works for roads works.
  • Retaining walls for the cemetery. Cost: €21, 000.
  • €38, 000 from the community’s account.

In particular:
Roads: We have given great emphasis to the community’s road network, both within the community as well as to the agricultural roads.

  • In the road which links our community with Mitsero, £8000 worth of havara has already been placed. In cooperation with the community of Mitsero, the road will be asphalted and two rain water bridges will be constructed on it. We have received approval by the Department of Forests for the expenditure that will be covered by the Ministry of Interior. 
  • The road which leads from our community to “Melissandra” has also been covered with havara and asphalt. Most of the signatures required by the affected land owners have already been collected and it is expected that an opening of a new routing towards the main road of Palaichori, in the area of Agios Mamas Paliomylos, will be effectuated.
  • The road which leads from the cemetery towards the road of Palaichori has been registered as public and its upgrade is being planned.
  • The road passing along the river “Maroullenas” has been covered with havara and guard rails which have been placed along it. Their cost was €12,000 and €25,000 respectively,
  • An expenditure of €25,000 has been approved for 2009 regarding the installation of mild road traffic measures and road humps on the road passing in front of the school.
  • In several roads of the community, where it is necessary, plastic road humps will be placed from time to time for the protection of pedestrians.
  • A project is also promoted for the covering of the road which leads to Panagia, Agios Georgios and Kalogiros with havara, so that it could be asphalted in the future.
  • A new agricultural road has been opened at the location “Vrysia” and the opening of new agricultural roads, which will assist the development of nearby pieces of land, is also promoted. However, the fact that some land owners refuse to give their consent still remains a problem. 
  • Gregoris Afxentiou Street has been covered with havara and half of it has been asphalted. Its asphalting will be finished in 2009. The expenditure will rise to €12,000 and €20,000.
  • The road from the residence of Kleovoulos Evangelou up to the junction of the road of “Kampismata” has been covered with havara. The cost was €7,000.
  • In parallel to the church and Park promoted next to it, the community has almost prepared plans for the square in front of the Community coffee shop and the footpath which will link them. The project will begin late this year, starting with the construction of the paved concrete footpath.  

Street Lighting: In the past two years, street lighting has been installed in Agios Georgios Street and in the road of the new church, up to the Cooperative Bank. The total expenditure reached the amount of €12,000.
This year, there are plans for the installation of street lighting along 1st of May Street, Nicolas Kostis Street, along the road passing from the Cooperative Bank up to the central reserve of Arch. Makarios Street and along the entire road starting from the parting of ways towards the community. The budget will exceed the amount of €40,000.

Fires: Seeing the need to be prepared in case of fires, the Community Council has bought a fire truck after receiving 50% funding by the Ministry of Interior. The vehicle is used for other needs of the community such as cleaning campaigns, decorations etc.  

Primary School and Community Nursery School
The Community Council assumed the management and problems of the community’s School Inspectorate on the 31st of December 2006.

The pressure put on the School Inspectorate in order to merge, close down the school and transfer our students to a regional School with other communities is well known. 

However, we have succeeded in upgrading our school and started working on anti-seismic upgrading and restoration.

The new Futsal pitch which was constructed in 2007 cost €25,000 and the expenditure was covered entirely by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Additionally, a new Nursery School classroom, new lavatories and a laboratory have been planned and are going to be constructed.

The intentions of the Ministry of Education regarding the creation of regional schools remain unknown. Therefore, we will always be on alert so that our school is not closed down. This of course will always depend on the number of new students.

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